This isn't the kind of wedding barbecue where a chap in a chefs jacket and tall paper hat tosses around a dodgey  mixed grill on a gas griddle with a big bowl of penne pasta dressed with shop bought mayo and sweetcorn on the buffet table. We've all been there and it's not the end of the world, just a little unimaginative. What we do is make our own barbecues from 45 gallon drums, load them with kiln dried hardwood logs then cook whole joints of meat, fresh vegetables or sides of salmon either with the lid down slow and low for smokey melt in the mouth cuts or lid up for that flame grilled flavour. Homemade sauces- Salsa verde, smokey baba ganoush, real tommy k and salads made from the best seasonal produce and packed with soft herbs and heady spices.

And why not try our bbq bites instead of traditional canapes? They are passed around during your reception in the same way as canapes but are a bit more substantial so we only recommend choosing 3-4 per person.They are packed with that chargrilled flavour that just can't be replicated and your guests can watch them being prepared before their very eyes. Nice!