Before they started Fego Food Co. Hannah and Al were on the street food/ festival circuit with their first award winning venture The Cauldron. They earned themselves a 1st class reputation  within the industry and their customers for their great flavours and use of sustainable produce. They would butcher whole animals from local farms using the various cuts to create a nose to tail menu on the go from their little green VW Van. Within 6 months they were shortlisted in the Independent newspaper as one of the three hottest new street food vans to watch and the following year in 2014 they won their category at the British Street Food Awards.  Although they decided to concentrate on Fego and The Cauldron is sadly no more; they still love to pop up at the occasional festival and street market so the little green van is still on the road, and you can get some of that festival vibe and street food spirit at your event.

Our street food can be a great alternative to a traditional wedding breakfast or can be served later in the evening to satisfy those late night munchies. Either way it always creates an added point of interest for the guests having their food prepared for them right in front of their eyes.