Of course food must be delicious but there is far more to it than taste.  We believe people should be impressed before a single morsel enters their mouth. It should be vibrant and interesting:  people should feel excited for what is to come and still be able to vividly conjure the image long after the meal is complete. But it is not just what is on the plate that is important, it's how it got there. We work closely with our suppliers; small local companies themselves in turn doing their  best to support local Westcountry  producers.

Everyone has their own idea of what good food is. We hear heated debates about the virtues of stripped back simple fayre over the complexity of molecular gastronomy; and how out of date classical French cuisine is compared to the food of Peru or Vietnam. We sit firmly on the fence of these kind of arguments because we just love it all. Our chefs have worked everywhere from royal palaces and fine dining restaurants to street food trucks and smoke pits- so whatever your sense of style we've got it covered.


Take a look at some of our example menus

We can produce fitting alternatives to any of our dishes to accommodate vegetarians and dietry requirements.